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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Particularly U

Are you brave enough to unlearn the skills that got you to where you are today and learn the ones needed to get ahead of tomorrow?

Traditional forms of education are not keeping pace with the exponential rate of change in the world. Constant learning and unlearning is not an aspirational goal. It’s a survival skill and a competitive edge. We’ve re-engineered education to be just that. We’ve created the most comprehensive, game-changing approach to accelerated applied learning the world has ever seen.

Particularly UTM is designed for the goals and challenges of three distinct audiences: executives, client teams and individuals. We teach topics including startup mindset, design thinking, technology evolution and more. Our focus areas change every year to anticipate upcoming waves of innovation. Tomorrow won’t be anything like today and tomorrow’s tomorrow is anyone’s guess.

Executive Catalyst - ParticularlyU

The leader of tomorrow needs to constantly transform themself. It’s not enough just to be an expert in the ways of today, you must immerse yourself in new skills that an organization needs to constantly self-disrupt and innovate. Executive Catalyst is designed to make sure today’s leaders are prepared for tomorrow’s world.

Our program helps you stay on top of the rapidly transforming landscape of trends affecting technology, culture and business to pay attention to what matters most in order to stay ahead. We bring together C-level executives across companies to engage in peer-to-peer learning to get immersed in the latest industry lingo, concepts and models your agency and integrator partners are talking about.

It’s a given that change continues to deliver shocks of increasing impact and competition is now coming from everywhere. You need a catalyst to propel your way forward.

Accelerator Workshops - ParticularlyU

Bold clients need teams who move quickly to solve their toughest problems. And sometimes that needs a bit of an outsider’s perspective. You need to look beyond your organization for new inspirations, methods and ideas. We’ve developed a series of sessions delivered over several immersive days to help ignite transformative thinking.

Our Accelerator Workshops are customized to your organization’s needs to help you address specific problems, or take on a current challenge, you are struggling with. We apply a hypothesis driven approach around divergent and convergent thinking to help accomplish what often takes weeks/months or even appears impossible. And do it really fast.

Culture is shifting faster than companies can evolve, sometimes it just feels like you’re moving in slow motion. Find a way to ignite the acceleration process.

Digital Academy - ParticularlyU

Our Digital Academy provides a series of training courses for the ferociously ambitious individual ready to leapfrog their peers and make an impact on the world. Are you ready to learn what you need to get ahead?

You won’t get the skills you need to ignite your career inside your current corporate echo chamber of a job.

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    Change is inevitable, but growth is optional.

    John C. Maxwell