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Hirtenstraße 19, 10178 Berlin, Germany

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Adam Grohs.

Adam Grohs, Co-Founder/CEO @Particular.


Prior to starting Particular., Adam Grohs led PublicisSapient‘s Business Development and Alliances initiatives across North America. He is presently the CEO and Founder of agnoStack, the world’s first platform agnostic, omni-channel commerce solution built natively on Zendesk. Adam also previously served as the Global CTO of HUGE through their hypergrowth and expansion phase. He co-founded and led SapientRazorfish’s Chief Marketing Technology Officer University – CMTOu (an internal MBA style education training). He also helped establish and lead HUGE School (an accelerated post-college apprenticeship program) to develop and unlock the next generation of leaders.


As a seasoned business executive with a Particularly keen eye for design, as well as deep expertise in strategy and execution, he is a sought after technology expert in microservices, headless architecture, serverless computing and React, constantly remaining hands-on to always stay innovative!

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